Toy research report, let’s take a look at what 0-6 year olds are playing with.

Some time ago, I made a survey activity to collect the children’s favorite toys. I want to organize a list of toys for children of all ages, so that we can have more reference when introducing toys to children.
A total of 865 pieces of toy information were received from the students in this collection, among which the children were mostly between 0 and 6 years old. Thank you very much for your kind sharing this time.
And recently we have sorted out these mentioned toys according to everyone’s sharing. The following 15 categories were mentioned 20 times or more. They are blocks, toy cars, magnetic pieces, jigsaw puzzles, animation peripheral, scene, board games, dolls, thinking/piecing, buggies, toy mud, large toys, early education, music and children’s cognitive toys.
Next, I will sort out and report the toys in the 15 categories according to your sharing. There will also be some toy brands recommended by you. However, because the number of shares in some categories is not too large, this recommended brand does not have statistical significance, so it is only for your reference.
In the following, I will report the total number of mentions of each of the 15 categories in descending order.
1 wood product class
In this collection, building blocks were the most frequently named toys, receiving a total of 163 students’ feedback. From the data, we can see that children began to show a trend of playing with building blocks from the age of 2, and this love has been maintained until the age of 6, so it can be said that it is a classic toy suitable for all age groups.
Among them, the four types of building blocks mentioned more are mainly the classical granular building blocks (LEGO), wooden building blocks, magnetic building blocks and mechanical building blocks.
Like the building blocks of types within each age group will be different, such as wooden blocks, because no amount of design between blocks, playing up the threshold, especially low frequency of between 2 to 3 years old children is relatively higher, and the simple sense of wooden blocks, especially suitable for children to explore at this stage, although they also not keen on assembling complex modelling, But simply stacking and knocking them down can give children special pleasure.
When they are 3-5 years old, with the improvement of hand movements and hand-eye coordination ability, they will prefer to play with granular blocks and magnetic blocks. These two types of blocks have higher playability in modeling construction and creative play, which can further improve children’s thinking construction, hand-eye coordination ability and spatial cognition ability.
Among the granular bricks, Lego Depot series and Bruco series are particularly mentioned; The magnetic blocks are Kubi Companion and SMARTMAX. I have recommended these two brands to you before, and both of them are very good.
In addition, children over 5 years old, in addition to the above mentioned building blocks, also like mechanical building blocks with a stronger sense of design and higher construction skills.

2 the toy cars

Transportation for a child to be an amazing exist, many children are very interested in cars, in this research also confirms that, in the toy car is mentioned the number of times after building blocks toys, total with 89 votes, which like the toy car, mainly concentrated in between 2-5 years old, in the age group is gradually reduced.
And if according to the toy car play to classify, we mentioned the main model class (including model car, backforce car), assembly class (including rail car, assembled car) these two types.
Among them, we play the most is the model type of toy car, especially excavator, tractor, police car and fire engine and other models with a “sense of power”, no matter what age children are very like, so the overall proportion will be more; Other, more hands-on types of cars, such as tracks and assemblies, are played with more often after the age of three.
As for the toy car brand, we mentioned relatively more are Domica, Huiluo and Magic of these three products. Among them, Domeika believe that everyone is very familiar with it, its simulation alloy car model is also very classic, the model is relatively rich, covering engineering classes, urban traffic vehicles, rescue tools and so on.

The Magic train is a special intelligent track train, which I have recommended to you before. It has sensors on the body, so that children can freely join the train track, and create driving instructions for the train through stickers and accessories, so that children will have a stronger sense of control in the process of playing.
The next one is magnetic tablet, which is a classic construction toy just like building blocks. It is very popular among children because of its diverse and creative features. A total of 67 responses have been received in this contest, and most of them show their love for it from the age of 2 to the age of 5.
The other frame magnetic plate will focus on modeling construction, because each magnetic plate is hollow design, its own weight is light, good magnetic, so can realize more three-dimensional, more complex structure modeling.
The above is the specific situation of this survey. Although you can’t see which brand and which product you should buy for your children, you can also understand to a certain extent the children’s favorite preference and trend of toys in different growth stages, so as to provide a reference when introducing different types of toys for children.

Finally, I believe that when you choose toys for your children, in addition to what types of toys should be introduced at different ages, you also want to know the specific recommended products. Therefore, we will also personally go to the next stage and make further shopping guides or comments on those types of toys that you are particularly concerned about.

Post time: Sep-08-2022